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Scaffold Security

Scaffolding & Scaffold Alarms and CCTV Cameras

Infrared Scaffolding Alarms & scaffolding Security specialize in providing its customers with a cost effective means of Scaffold alarm intruder protection and site alarm security for the purpose of eliminating potential thefts or vandalism whilst undergoing renovation or repair.

Without a scaffolding alarm whilst work is being done breaking into your home is as easy as   




Scaffold Security
Scaffold Security
Scaffold Security

Infrared scaffolding alarm Sensors situated on the scaffold create a harmless beamed detection zone. Any intruder entering this zone immediately sets off the scaffold alarm alerting your organization, key holder or central monitoring station. The onsite control panel continually monitors all sensors so even when the system is suspended during working hours a tamper system is active, which triggers the alarm if cables are cut, disconnected or the panel is interfered with. Should the system be activated, the alarm will discontinue after a programmed time period then will rearm the entire system. All events are recorded within the alarm system in detail and recalled from the memory on the LCD keypad...

We fit Scaffolding Alarm deterrent boards and combined external sirens with strobe lights onto the scaffolding or hoarding this illustrates that the property is electronically protected and monitored via a response service.
We can provide 24 hour monitoring of our sites through the use of a GSM modem units eliminating the need for onsite telephone lines, the moment an alarm is activated the ARC are aware and then immediately contact the nominated key holder or regional response units. All monitored activations are audited, and event logs can be recalled. 

Once installed clients are safe in the knowledge that the building, scaffolding and materials are offered the best protection against potential intruders.

Scaffolding Security Infrared Beam
Scaffold security Beams
We offer competitive rates and a flexible efficient service. Our scaffolding alarms and building site alarm equipment are sophisticated and designed specifically for the purpose of out door intruder alarm detection with minimal risk of false activations having been produced by leading manufacturers.

This combined with our professional attitude and years in the security alarm industry will make you happy have used out service

SCAFFOLDING ALARMS - SCAFFOLD SECURITY - SCAFFOLD ALARM - SCAFFOLDING SECURITY Hire rates are competitive and are calculated on a daily basis. Our systems are versatile and easy to operate and always include clear operating instructions and a contact name and telephone number

Alarm System Pricing
All construction site and scaffolding alarm installations are designed according to the site conditions and we are able to provide no obligation estimates from either dimensioned drawings or verbal details of scaffolding dimensions. For more complex scaffold alarm arrangements or perimeter cctv security and site conditions or if you have specific requirements please call to arrange a free site visit.
Our rates are extremely competitive and we strive to offer a high level of service with flexibility.

INITIAL ALARM HIRE CHARGES for periods up to 4 weeks

Solar powered wireless Scaffolding Alarms

A self contained monitoring unit which can be totally solar powered if required which means the security system can be placed is new site without established power or remote locations requiring  monitored protection. The package consists  of 2 wireless alarm  Pir’s, (which can be expanded) a sounder and a self contained GSM signaling modem  which can be programmed to call  Key holders personal phones including mobiles, the sentinel unit is easily set via a remote control hand device.
4 weeks = £250 (£25 per week after 1st 4 Weeks)

Infrared scaffolding CCTV Security Cameras rental / hire / leasing

Infrared scaffolding Security do a large selection of cctv hire & cctv rental equipment including infrared cameras for night security protection which are perfect for scaffolding and construction site protection. Contact us for prices to suit your requirments or check out our cctv rental pages


Basic Single elevation scaffolding alarm  
Twin beam with 50m range, internal key pad and control adjacent to power supply  £140
Additional elevations with twin beams / Pir's £40
Advanced equipment Dual Technology  
Dual Pir with 15m range (first elevation)   £140
Additional beams or Pir (further elevations) £40
Microwave detectors (first elevation)  £200
two Additional Pir detectors (further elevations) £100
Latest Addition to greatly reduce chances of false alarm activations  
Twin Dual Pir detectors (first elevation) £200
Additional twin pair of Detectors (further elevations) £100
Additional sirens / Bell box £25
Scaffolding CCTV Camera rental, hire £70
Twin Pir’s per unit  £60
LED lighting battery operated per light £30
Scaffolding Security Light 30 LED High Power Solar Security Light 10 hrs £30
Scaffolding Security Camera Light Digital Security cctv Colour Camera Light automatically records a photo or video each time movement is detected... day or night £65
Positioning of the scaffold alarm control panel externally and away from power supply £45
External Vandal proof enclosure for Scaffolding alarm Keypad £50
Ongoing charges on the above equipment after first 4 weeks at £5 per item per week  
SITE MONITORING GOLD approved Alarm Receiving Centre
This is the most efficient form of protection for the site, we use Dual Com dialers on a GSM network and provide 24 hour monitoring to a NSI Gold approved Alarm Receiving Centre. This means that activated alarms are made aware to us and you in the time it takes to communicate a text and/or phone call.
Equipment set up on site and activation of service £155
Ongoing charges after the first four weeks are £10 per week  
ALARM RESPONSE Security Guard Alarm response and key holding 
After being made aware of an intruder alarm activation it is the responsibility of the named site representative to check the site unless the response service is taken up. We provide a 24 hour Security Guard Alarm Response and key holding service where all activated alarms are attended to with site visits.
All charges for first four weeks (excluding call outs – see below for charges) £95
Ongoing charges after the first four weeks are £10 per week  
Alarm call out charges are billed to us at £35 plus VAT (a total £41.13) we charge a 10% administration fee of the net cost of each call out (£3.50) if statements are required there is a fixed charge of £50 for the provision of all documentation relating to alarm activations on site. This will include date of alarm activation, details from Alarm Receiving Centre and the time of arrival of response unit and their time of departure.
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