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Perimeter Security Components

Perimeter Security Components and Infrared Beams

M100 for perimeter security
The M100 PLUS infrared beams consists of a pair of small, discreet dual-infrared beams designed to protect the immediate perimeter of a building. The beams are particularly useful in providing coverage for windows, doors and roller shutter doors and can be used to activate an intruder alarm system, lights or CCTV before a break-in occurs, minimising damage to property and risk to on-site personnel
M200 for perimeter security
The M200 PLUS infrared beams series Photo beams are dual beam long-range sensors. They are ideal for larger installations where they are capable of external ranges up to 200m. The beams can stacked one above another to provide a wall of coverage
M3 for perimeter security

M3 infrared beam series Photo beams are single beam, surface and flush mount photoelectric sensors designed for short range indoor applications. They provide a high level of protection against sunlight, fluorescent and incandescent lamps ideal for areas with lots of glass

WF Wire Free for perimeter security
The WF Wire Free versions of sensors are designed for use where a reliable low current sensor is required with out the need to run cables.
P80 for perimeter security
The P80 has long, narrow detection areas that extend from both its sides. It is specifically designed to be wall-mounted centrally on a building it detects intruders, before they break in. The detection range can be adjusted so that detection extends only to the end of the building this device also comes as wireless so can be retro added to your existing wireless alarm system.
CCTV PIR for perimeter security
CCTV Pir  A advanced high quality colour/mono camera with varifocal lens integrated with the PIR to deliver a combined/detector sensor providing 50 x 30 metre detection range, or a 30 x 20 metre detection pattern. The advantage of a combined unit means any alteration to the viewing angle of the camera now means that the detection pattern will follow, perfectly
C100 for perimeter security
C100 Curtain field sensor is specifically designed for use in medium to large sized perimeter applications where longer range is required coupled with a narrow detection area. The sensor has three, individually addressable zones, making it ideal for integrating with Intruder Alarm Verification needs and Preset Dome cameras typically used in Remote CCTV Verification systems.
DT1 for perimeter security
DT 1 is a totally new type of outdoor combination detector that sets a new standard in false alarm prevention and has been specifically designed for use in outdoor Intruder alarm detection Remote Video and CCTV applications. In addition to using passive infrared (PIR) and microwave technology as in conventional combination detectors.
DTCCTV for perimeter security
DTCCTV 1 is high quality colour/mono camera with a varifocal lens integrated with a highly reliable passive infrared and microwave combination detector.
Audio PIR for perimeter security

Audio Pir This device provides an innovative solution to external area detection and can be used to provide triggering of CCTV, lighting or warning systems. For increased flexibility this pir allows the customer to record a customised warning message on-site. The volume of the announcement can be increased by wiring a second remote amplified speaker into the detector

CCTV Camera for perimeter security
Infrared cctv camera
A remote PTZ or fixed camera that can be triggered by any of the external motion detection devices described on this page
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