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Hidden / Covert Cameras

Spy / Hidden / Covert Cameras


Why rent covert spy camera surveillance?

The Data Protection Act makes it very unwise to install permanent installations of covert spy cameras. However, it does allow for cameras to be temporarily installed, in secret, and without warning signs, in order to investigate suspected, specific, criminal activity. The guidelines say that, once the investigation is complete, the covertly hidden spy cameras should be removed.

Therefore Short-term rental is thus often the best option if you want to use covert CCTV spy cameras and we can provide all types of hidden spy cameras, wired and wirelesses to build a covert monitoring systems specific to your exact requirements

Covert spy camera & audio surveillance is a convenient and cost effective way to monitor and primarily gain essential evidence of a suspected criminal carrying out a criminal offence. Hidden spy camera surveillance can be used in many instances, Generally the hidden spy camera service is used to catch criminal activity, usually in a work place environment, such as

  • Warehouse Packaging & Distribution
  • Product Design & Development - monitor to ensure against Product Design theft
  • IT Rooms & Computer Suites - visual record of a user accessing data or damaging equipment
  • Office Complexes - identify internal or external theft or damage of equipment
  • Stock Rooms - visual record of stock room access
  • Bonded Warehouses - high security required by Customs - internal verification of operations

There is a growing use around the private home termed as “Nanny Cams” to monitor the activity of a suspected member of staff after some suspicious activities or suspected thefts or. We provide high quality covert spy CCTV equipment, for individuals, companies or organizations. ....We are able to carry out installations at a time convenient for you and your business. Miniature cameras using pinhole lens technology can be fitted in many objects that are able to conceal the physical size of the spy camera. These include conventional items such as;

  • Clocks
  • Computers
  • Electrical goods
  • Clothing
  • Plastic boxes
  • Cable Trunking
  • Smoke alarms

When a standard covert camera housing becomes inappropriate for the location, we then look into installing the spy cameras into more familiar objects relevant to the area it is located.

Once you have a covertly hidden spy camera system installed you can ensure 24 hour discreet video surveillance and recording of your covert camera. Whatever the need, we can accommodate with our specialist covert camera equipment. Our systems have uncovered many incidents saving many Companies many thousands in estimated losses.


Short Term Hire Rates First 4 Weeks Extra Week
Covert mono camera, Mini monitor £300 £60
Covert mono camera, Mini monitor, VCR £400 £75
Extra camera and switcher £100 £20
Subsequent cameras £50 £10


Covert mono camera, Mini monitor £200 £50
Covert mono camera, Mini monitor, VCR £300 £65
Extra camera and switcher £100 £20


  1. Prices for hard-wired covert spy camera systems include cable and installation, provided conditions are straightforward and maximum distance 25 meters. More complex installation due to layout or specific client requirements subject to quotation.Prices for wire-free radio systems are for delivery only, for client to install. If  installation and setup engineer is required additional £100
  2. Minimum rental 4 weeks.
  3. First month's rental required in advance.
  4. Hirer to be responsible for loss or damage to equipment while installed.
  5. Installation or removal of hard wired covert systems outside normal working hours incurs a premium of £75 on the hire charge.
  6. All prices exclude VAT.
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Hidden / Covert Cameras
Hidden / Covert Cameras
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