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Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm System Protection

It has long been said that Prevention is better than cure; that's how all fire alarm systems work. If a fire should break out in your home or business premises, chances are it will spread rapidly, endangering your life and your buildings. Dense smoke could cut off escape routes, and flames ruin your property in a matter of minutes.

A fire alarm system gives you early warning of any fire, and the chance to deal with it before it spreads. Your fire alarm can be a simple system of manual call points with a bell or a comprehensive fully automated one with various types of detectors or the latest wireless fire panels to reach the market place. The important point is to have one. We can ensure that your investment in fire security is cost effective, and will go on delivering returns in peace of mind and protection for years to come.
Here are a few considerations that are taken into account when designing a fire system for your needs.
Should it be wired or wireless? The main initial advantage of a wire free fire alarm is the installation is simple and can be expanded to new areas easily. It will not leave you with the need to redecorate along with it being a speedy installation with minimal disruption therefore cost effective.

Smoke detection
Photoelectric smoke alarms respond to slow burning, visible smoke caused by smouldering fires. Well suited for use in kitchens and near baths, they are less susceptible to nuisance alarms caused by cooking or high humidity.

Carbon Monoxide
Carbon monoxide alarms are recommended near bedrooms and sleeping areas where they can wake sleeping residents. Additional CO alarms are recommended 5-20 feet from sources of CO such as a furnace, water heater or fireplace.

Dual detection
We are able to provide a combination Smoke/CO alarm which makes it easy to provide both types of protection throughout the home. A combination alarm installed on every level of the home is an excellent way to ensure maximum protection for occupants, with a minimum of installation effort.

Heat detectors
In some areas of the house, it is important to use a heat alarm that senses fire by air temperature, rather than a smoke alarm that senses particles in the air. The installation of heat alarms in attics (finished or unfinished), furnace rooms or garages is recommended, since these locations occasionally experience conditions that can result in improper operation of smoke alarms. They will not react to smoke and should not be used to replace smoke alarms, but as a supplement to a complete smoke alarm system.

Call points
Conveniently located manual call points to alert or summon help in case of a fire.

Fire Alarm Control Panel
Wireless Fire Alarm
Fire Alarm Packages Available
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