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CCTV Camera Systems Installation

CCTV is a well recognised way to help reduce crimes like theft and vandalism and protect your home, public spaces, businesses, and organisations. The effects of CCTV are clear from the falling crime statistics when installed in town and city centres like London, Newport, Cardiff Wales & Bristol.

With this success, the case for installing CCTV cameras and cctv security systems for residential and commercial premises is now clear.

CCTV Cameras Police Enforcement Sign
Incident recordings can provide valuable evidence, improving the likelihood of a conviction and assist with asset recovery therefore proving cost effective. 
We are able to install top-quality CCTV cameras for whatever needs you may have. Whether you want to use CCTV cameras to remotely monitor assets or you want to deter vandals, we can help. We can advise on and install discreet cameras on private property, business parks and warehousing, heavy duty cameras for tough conditions. Cameras can be fixed, or Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) Our modern cameras can give you greater flexibility in remotely viewing your property.
4 Way CCTV Camera System
All installation recording would be onto a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) which can simultaneously record and display camera output in split screens, or onto an IP-based CCTV server management system.

With an easy-to-use, all-in-one CCTV camera system, you can keep a close eye on key areas in and around your home, and also benefit from external views of your property...

CCTV PC Monitoring System
CCTV Camera Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ)
CCTV Camera
Vandal Resistant CCTV Dome Camera
Best seller for homes, shops / small businesses
4 x Colour CCD dome or bullet cameras
1 x 14" Colour Monitor
1 x Digital Video Recorder 250Gb
Motion detection Alerts
Internet Compatible
4 x Power Supply Units
Wall Brackets for cameras
Camera lens as required.
Cables, connectors and ancillaries.
1  years warranty
£1199 or
£899 with 2 Cameras
Best seller for Factories or larger businesses
8x Colour  CCD dome or bullet cameras
Day / night infra red facilities
1 x 17" Colour  Monitor
1 x Digital Video Recorder 500Gb
Motion detection Alerts
Internet  Compatible
8x Power Supply Units
Wall Brackets for cameras and monitor
Camera lens as required.
Cables, connectors and ancillaries.
1  years warranty
*Extra cost may be required in certain situation due to layout, distances or specific client requirements.
CCTV Camera Maintenance = from £180 per annum
We also offer a large selection of realistic fake/dummy cameras to enhance the appearance of your properties security measures. These can be incorporated into a new or existing system to add the appearance of better coverage or a 100% dummy CCTV setup to deter potential crime.

Infrared Security prides itself in using only the highest quality cctv camera equipment to ensure reliability and customer satisfaction, once installed our professional system can emit visual and audio warnings to inform you if any camera detects motion and will automatically display images in zones where movement is detected. It will store images of all events that trigger alarms and can replay the moments before and after an alarm for later review. Whether it’s a single camera or a fully networked cctv camera surveillance system, Infrared Security can provide the required service in London, Newport, Cardiff Wales & Bristol. We also offer a cctv repair and upgrade service.

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