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Burglar Alarm - Intruder Alarm - Security Alarms

A wired or wireless burglar alarms or intruder alarm system consists of PIRs (Passive InfraRed Detectors), which detect movements, linked to a control panel. Dual technology detectors can be used to minimise the risk of false alarms caused by draughts or excess heat. Magnetic contacts are also used to monitor points of entry such as doors and sometimes windows. When the door is closed, the two sides of the contact remain together, but if they are separated by the door opening, the alarm will be activated. The control panel is the brains that ties all connected elements of the system together.

Burglar Alarm Pet sensitive, Pir’s are available which allow for the movement of domestic pets without setting off your burglar alarm.

Security System with Bells-only
Bells-only alarm, otherwise known as audible-only alarms, is a burglar alarm which makes only audible noise from the external or internal alarm system sounders when the alarm is triggered. The bells-only burglar alarm may deter intruders and alert the neighbour when the alarm activates but on its own will not generate police response.

Security System Control Panel
The burglar alarm control unit can be in a metal or polycarbonate housing. This unit monitors all devices; it also contains the emergency back up battery to power your alarm in case of a power cut fault in your home.

Security System GSM Unit
A speech dialler with facilities to send sms messages or signals via a mobile call without the need to be connected to a fixed phone line can be installed as an extra to any burglar alarm system.
(Speech diallers allow for external communication by the alarm system; however they do not make the burglar alarm qualify for police response.)

Security Alarm System Monitored alarm
A burglar alarm system is on police response when the alarm is connected via a telephone line, radio network or both to a remote central station for the purpose of monitoring any alarm signals from the premises 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Monitored alarms will incur monthly or annually service charges in addition to the installation costs of the respective alarm package. Our combined monitoring and maintenance service charge starts from £20 p/m. plus vat
In order to get police response on a confirmed alarm activation reported via two independent zones, an alarm system compliant with (ACPO Policy Document DD243: 2004) must be installed

Security Alarm System Personal attack alarm
A personal attack alarm is sometimes referred to as panic attack alarm. The alarm can be invaluable in summoning help when you are attached or feel threatened by an intruder or a stranger in your home or at your business.
Personal attack alarms can be integrated in to the burglar alarm and may be connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre for Police response in London, Cardiff, Bristol or Newport Wales in the event of an emergency.
No Security System - Burglar breaking entry
No Security System - Burglar Gaining Access
No Security System - Unathorised Entry
No Security System - Property Stolen

When designing a wired or wireless burglar alarm system here are the components to consider using

Alarm System Standard PIR
Burglar Alarm Passive Infra Red detector (PIR)
A motion sensor, which picks up and responds to the movement of warm bodied objects, for use in both wired and wireless alarms in home and business security applications. Also available in pet friendly versions which allow the free movement of pets around the protected area.
Alarm System Dual Technology Sensor

Security Alarm System Dual Technology Sensor
Passive infra-red and microwave devices provide dual action detection. This device is designed to reduce the likelihood of false alarms in unstable environments, where excessive heat or drafts may occur. Suitable applications are Kitchen, Conservatory, Garage and other harsh environments

Alarm System Vibration Detector

Burglar Alarm Vibration detector
Detects vibrations on windows and doorframes, which may occur during an attempt to gain unauthorised entry. These are also used on systems where a perimeter protection is required while still allowing free movement inside of your property.

Alarm System Door Contacts

Security Alarm System Door Contacts
Surface, flush, heavy duty, patio door and roller shutter contacts - suitable for intruder alarm systems in homes, shops, offices, factories and warehouses

Alarm System Door Contacts

Burglar Alarm Door Contacts
These are designed to detect the opening of doors or windows to gain entry into a protected area. These are also used on systems where a perimeter protection is required while still allowing free movement inside of your property.


Security Alarm System Glass Break Sensor
Detects high speed drilling and glass breakage normally usefully in large glass fronted areas such as shop fronts

Alarm System Smoke Detector

Security Alarm System Fire & Smoke Detector
An important fire detection and safety device. Detects airborne smoke and triggers a different sounding tone on your alarm system to notify you of a fire situation

Alarm System Control Panel

Burglar Alarm Independent Speech Dialler
Used to send recorded voice messages about intruder alarm activations to a combination of telephone numbers (including mobile phones). The standalone speech dialler will work with most intruder alarm systems.

Alarm System Keypad

Burglar Alarm System Key pad
This is your friendly user interface with the control panel, it allows for full, part or night setting. It also allows you to view and monitor events, which may have occurred with your alarm by keeping a log with time and date.

Alarm System Panic Button

Security Alarm System Panic Attack Button
Push buttons to immediately activate all the bells and sounders of your alarm system. If your system is monitored it will also request for help or the Police in an emergency.

Alarm System Bell Box

Burglar Alarm Bell Box
A visual and audible deterrent on the front of the protected property. It incorporates strobe lights and is tamper proof so it cannot be removed.


Burglar Alarm Dummy Bell Box
A non-sounding visual deterrent placed on property.


Security Alarm System Real-Fake Bell Box
A real sounding burglar alarm bell box as used on working systems including strobe and flashing LEDs with power supply that can be triggered to ring by the push of an independent panic attack button in the bedroom. (This device fited alone is indistinguishable from a full burglar alarm system) at a fraction of the cost.

Alarm System Internal Siren
Security Alarm System Internal Siren
A self-actuating siren, with battery back up and very loud, to disorientate intruders normally used in place of external sounder on budget installations, or an extra bonus feature on standard installs


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