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Infrared Security has over 15 years of high profile property protection experience to fall back on when designing suitable security measures like a burglar alarm for your specific needs. Our experience portfolio covers a large residential client base from small to large homes. But also includes Banks / building societies Embassies, Government buildings, Churches, Synagogues, Colleges, Schools, Nurseries, Airlines, Oil companies, Antique warehouses, Gold and Diamond importers, jewellery shops, fashion houses, Internet server facilities, Human Secure facilities, Detention centres, film companies, VIPs, Coe's, Celebrities and now hopefully you.

Dispelling Alarm panel phobia
From our many years in the industry we know that many people have a fear of using an alarm system. Infrared Security use the latest technology while combining the simplest user interfaces. Unlike cheap burglar alarm systems which just have red and green coloured lights to inform you of your security alarms status, our systems use keypads with with built-in panic alarm acitvation and full english readable text displays allowing even first time users to set and unset our alarm panels. This can be as simple as pressing a single Quick Set button or holding a specially programmed key fob / tag to the screen. Text display keypads also inform you fully of every event which has occurred, including the time of each setting and unsetting of your burglar alarm system, this is one of the reasons why our many elderly clients over seventy can use our choice of alarm panel without bedtime worries.  


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